Cloning My Expertise

Introducing My GPT Doppelgänger in the Crypto Code World

Romesh Niriella
Nov 15, 2023

As a developer in the crypto space, I’ve ventured into AI’s potential by creating a digital clone of myself. This GPT-powered AI replicates my professional expertise, offering insights and solutions in software engineering, particularly in cryptocurrency.

Why an AI Clone?

To enhance efficiency and decision-making in tech, I’ve harnessed OpenAI’s GPT technology, creating an AI that mirrors my knowledge and approach in crypto and high-tech software.

Explore and Provide Feedback

I invite you to interact with this AI, explore its capabilities, and share your feedback. Your insights are crucial for its evolution and our journey towards seamless human-AI collaboration.

Experience the future of AI and software engineering:



Romesh Niriella

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