How to build a robot that acts like human, walks like human, and talks like human.

Romesh Niriella
3 min readNov 6, 2023

Basic ingredients are found in your local hardware store and online open source portals.

You will have to build a robot that can be among people, to experience and quantise the “enjoyment” of life.

Then feed that through a whole bunch of optimisers, and augmentations and simulations to derive the best humanlike humanoid possible. Then make a plan to build a factory.

Robot should have these most important features:

  1. Sensory Input: Integrate advanced sensors to process environmental stimuli akin to human senses.
  2. Learning Algorithms: Implement machine learning to interpret sensory data, recognize patterns, and adapt responses.
  3. Emotion Simulation: Code algorithms that simulate emotional responses to stimuli, aligning with what humans define as enjoyment.
  4. Interaction Capability: Include interaction protocols for social engagement, allowing the robot to observe and participate in human activities.
  5. Data Analysis: Equip the robot with analytical tools to process and derive insights from its experiences.
  6. Feedback Mechanism: Create a system for the robot to report insights, possibly using natural language generation for communication.

These features combine technology with the goal of mimicking human-like experience and reflection for the robot to provide the best possible data on human life experiences.


Technology can and will always be weaponised by humans. Hacking is a very enjoyable hobby so there will always be chaos in a world full of robots.

Maybe if we all can feed a biased goodness they may not want to weaponise us inefficient humans for their world building.

Consider this for a second:



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