Introducing Explorer Guide

My AI Alter Ego for Travel Enthusiasts

Romesh Niriella
2 min readNov 16, 2023

I’m venturing into the realm of AI-enhanced travel solutions. Meet Explorer Guide, a custom GPT-driven AI, meticulously being engineered to transform the way we plan our journeys.

Why Explorer Guide?

Explorer Guide isn’t just another AI; it’s a synthesis of humor, insightful travel guidance, and cutting-edge technology. Utilizing the latest in GPT and LLM (Large Language Models), this AI tool is more than a guide — it’s a travel visionary, aligning perfectly with my aspiration to unveil the world’s most secluded and charming locales for dining and adventure.

When tasked with the query, ‘I’m looking for a spiritual retreat. Suggestions?’, Explorer Guide’s response was not only insightful but bespoke, showcasing its unique ability to tailor travel experiences.

Your Journey with AI

I invite you to experience Explorer Guide’s innovative recommendations, provide your feedback, and be a part of this groundbreaking shift in travel planning powered by AI. Your insights are instrumental in shaping the future of travel technology.

In a world bustling with human interactions, sometimes conversing with an AI offers a refreshing twist. That’s where Explorer Guide steps in.

Ready to explore the confluence of AI and travel?

Experience firsthand the latest advancement in the GPT store and ChatGPT applications, reshaping the travel industry at



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