Light-Speed Enlightenment

A Journey Beyond Time and Space Through the Lens of Chakras

Romesh Niriella


Just as humans possess seven chakras or energy centers guiding their spiritual development, the path to enlightenment that many spiritual seekers aspire to traverse is centered around comprehending our position in the universe through the universe’s own perspective.

In a realm where the physical and spiritual worlds intertwine, there existed a being of pure light named Lux. Lux was a photon, a particle of light, and his journey was unlike any other. He was born in the heart of a star, and his destiny was to travel through the universe at the speed of light. This is his story of “Light-Speed Enlightenment,” a quantum leap into consciousness.

Lux’s journey was a spiritual one, mirroring the path of enlightenment that many spiritual seekers strive to walk. Just as humans have seven chakras, or energy centers, that guide their spiritual development, Lux’s journey was divided into seven stages, each representing a different aspect of his light-speed existence.

Root Chakra

The first stage, akin to the Root Chakra, was Lux’s birth. He was created in a stellar furnace, a process as grounding and fundamental as the base chakra’s connection to Earth. This was the beginning of his timeless journey, a journey that, according to the laws of relativity, would be experienced in an instant.

Sacral Chakra

The second stage, mirroring the Sacral Chakra, was about connection and flow. Lux began to interact with other particles, exchanging energy in a cosmic dance that mirrored the fluidity and creativity associated with this chakra.

Solar Plexus Chakra

The third stage, akin to the Solar Plexus Chakra, was about power and transformation. Lux, moving at the speed of light, experienced the universe in a way that no other particle could. He was the embodiment of pure energy, a testament to the transformative power of light.

Heart Chakra

The fourth stage, mirroring the Heart Chakra, was about love and unity. Lux, in his light-speed journey, existed at all points simultaneously. He was everywhere at once, a manifestation of the universal love and connection that the heart chakra represents.

Throat Chakra

The fifth stage, akin to the Throat Chakra, was about communication and truth. Lux, as a particle of light, was the universe’s way of…



Romesh Niriella

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