#Rebuild Sri Lanka

Desperate times calls for desperate measures to be implemented in Ceylon. This is a very controversial approach, think before you respond.

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My Background

My whole family is Sri Lankan and I’ve lived there for 28 years before I moved to Australia. I’ve witnessed the massive corruption spanning across the government and forces, non-stop wars, bombs, dead people, happy people, drunk people, pervs, thieves, mass graves as well as the breath-taking natural beauty of my country.

Natural Beauty of a tropical island — Photo by Naduni Ranasinghe on Unsplash

Never in my wildest dreams I thought my country and my people would fall into this unfortunate situation but I guess I’m responsible too!

Sri Lankan Election System

Most our parents are very narrow minded and most of us are not open minded at all. We are very afraid of change in this ever changing world. It’s harder to keep up so most people decide to just get drunk, dance, and kill each-other or go to sleep.

Children are guided by strict parents who had wisdom passed down to them through generations. We were not taught to do our due diligence before we mark the X next to someone’s name on a Ballot Paper.

Ballot Paper — Photo by Mika Baumeister on Unsplash

Because of this 0-research policy among pretty much every generation currently alive in the country, It’s very easy for crooks and thieves to come into POWER ! Like this dude’s entire family who’s got that nasty greed for money and power to rule and supress the common people.

Oh, Did I mention that he was an Actor before his Political Career?

This Actor ruled my country — Pardon the shit quality video

After he came into the power, he slowly began his operation to get everyone in his family into the political system and then finally to own ministries and corporations. Started scamming our hard earned money to buy islands, super cars, women and then the Rajapaksha family pretty much led the mafia.

Recently the Anonymous Hacker Organisation released their secrets to the public which you can read here. I do not know how much of it are true. But looks about right based on everything that happened so far.

Enough for the background details and root causes.

Lets Rebuild!

First of all, Sri Lankans must understand who they are. Ever since the country opened the door to globalization people pretty much relied on importing everyday commodities. Including Rice! There used to be a time in our past when there were kings and queens ruling, We were among the foremost paddy exporters in the world. What this means is, Agriculture in our blood. However Sri Lankas are one of the laziest nations I’ve seen in my life! Oh and we love to present solutions to all the problems in the world but when it comes to Action, there’s only a handful of us who are willing to get our hands dirty. Most of the intellectuals have already left the country for these very reasons.

How to solve the food problem

We have unused paddy fields that can be re-cultivated to solve the food problems. Every person who does not contribute to the economy must start cleaning up these fields and start growing food. Most homes have enough land to grow their own food as well. Therefore there must be a strictly enforced law to grow food everywhere possible to stop relying on expensive international imports. I’m sure we can live without Nutella for a couple of years!

The ruling government must support this initiative. We are now very used to Actors ruling us and telling us how to live our lives. Therefore growing food at home shouldn’t even be a concern. Most of us are already doing this.

The Human Need for Tools

Sri Lankans are very smart, given the chance to shine. For example, our ancients built a castle on this rock called Sigiriya with a working fountain system among many other wonders. Oh this has been named as one of the world wonders

Sigiriya in Sri Lanka— 8th Wonder of the world

There are beautiful drawings on one side of this rock, they have been time tested. They are flower gals. Pretty sure they were real people once upon a time.

Sigiri Apsaras —img.src: https://fineartamerica.com/featured/two-apsaras-sigiriya-cave-painting-jenny-rainbow.html

If they could do this without globalization and all the tools that came after the industrial revolution, imagine what we can do with all the tools available to us today in the year of 2022! Building great many things are in our blood. Together, We must use that skill.

If anyone knows how to build something that can be used to improve efficiency of a process, they must start doing so. Tools including but not limited to clothing, vehicles, software, computer networks, infrastructure, healthcare can be readily developed within the country.

Yup, That’s Sri Lankan talent right there, Competing on world stage! — https://www.vega.lk/

Fuel Crisis & Logistics

I’m all in for Renewables but the powers that be are very reluctant to push renewables forward because with renewables they lose the money they get into their bank accounts through bribes and commissions.

To curb this fuel crisis, Stop all the transportation in the country and allow transport only on production & logistics matters controlled by one oversight unit for the whole country.

Stop using crude oil for fuel and transform all vehicles in to Hydrogen and Renewable energy sources. I understand this is something the whole world is working on right now. Therefore BioDiesel is an option in the short term. No nuclear at all. I do not trust Sri Lankans with that much power. Fusion could be an option when the generators are commercially available.

The Oil stores of Trincomalee has the capacity to store an astonishing total capacity of over 1.2 million tonnes of Oil. Currently we are not fully utilising this capacity.

The location of the country is very strategic for the ship routes around the world. We aren’t using that capability either. However India and China was racing to take over the control and looks like China won that race thanks to the Corrupt Government.

We should store oil in Trinco oil storage tanks and start to supply fuel for ships while we are using h2o/renewables inside country as much as possible. Furthermore, international companies can use lease parts of the facility to store their fuel for a certain timeframe by paying the county a rent. And the tenancy will be temporary and short term (<10yrs). We must not let anyone or any company to take the dictatorial power. And also should convert the jetty and the bay as a commercial venue for food and tourism.

Bay Market will be run by a tourism ministry appointed oversight committee as I have mentioned before. Shop fronts should be automated as much as possible and a few assistants will be there for any assistance required for customers. Right now, for example, we have people to serve fuel at fuel stations. This is simply because we can’t trust the people to pay for the fuel. I would like this to change.

Automation & Systems

Thanks to computers and the internet, we can automate as much as possible. Develped countries are doing this as much as possible. We have many software devs in the country so why can’t we pool our devs together and build a robust functional fully integrated and automated system for our country? To help everyone! Right now, most systems we’ve built are total crap, wasting precious time people could’ve spent solving real problems.

Cash & Taxes

What is cash? It’s a shiny piece of paper with fancy artwork and people’s faces with an previously agreed upon value that is used to power the credit system. (put very simply IMO)

No cash inside county to be used. Only digital currency on a public ledger should be used to track every government expenditure. Books should be as transparent as possible. as black and white!

For any payments, once the receipt is issued a copy will go to the customer and another one for taxes and all the linked organisations, in real time. Visible on the public ledger.

Once the people in Sri Lanka starts to move away from the graves they dug for themselves thanks to the fake civilians (ie: ruling cooks and thieves) they will have to realise that we are living with very limited natural resources. People must realize this fact and must learn to live with basic but comfortable life style.

I’m very reluctant to mention this but the country has a rich soil system, plenty of leaves. Back in the Rajapaksha’s days they imported “human waste” from China! for money. WTF? Doesn’t matter though, we can compost them and export bags of compost at a higher price to the world, mixed with rich country soil.

Sri Lanka is also known for high quality tea but most people living in the country doesn’t even have access to quality tea. Back in the days we only had waste tea products marketed locally. When I moved to Australia, I started appreciating the real export quality tea grown in my country but very sad my people doesn’t have the chance to try them! This must change as well.

Traitors & Terrorists

Traitors and Terrorists must be punished by assessing what they did to the country and our childrens’ future. Costs of their actions must be calculated and the must be brought to justice. They must be sent to jail to think about what they have done and the jails must be non-violent environments.

These crooks must be made to work and repay for their crimes against Sri Lankans! For example, the entire Rajapaksha family must work their asses off to repay the billions of dollars they’ve stolen from the country with Interest! Or give us our stolen money back.

I understand that they will never be able to pay off the debt, but an example must be made.

Plenty of people are talking about how to fix the Dollar problem but no one is talking about how to fix the broken mindsets.

These are drastic measures, but nothing is impossible. Fellow Sri Lankas, I ask you, do you wanna help fix the country or do you wanna keep fighting endless battles against the government?

If you would like to chat, I’m available on Twitter

Natural beauty of Sri Lanka as I saw it is on 500px



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